After completing graduation in Australia

Pursuing your further education in Australia: You might be ready to keep studying in Australia to acquire a better qualification or start another field of study. If you opt to undertake further study, check whether your visa allows this or if you would like to use it for a replacement visa. If you completed a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree, you'll be eligible for the Post-Study Work stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa.


Under the post-study workstream of this visa, students are allowed to finish their doctoral, master's, and bachelor's degrees to remain in Australia and acquire work experience. Students who complete their Ph.D. are eligible for a 4-year work visa. Whereas, students who complete their masters and bachelors degree can apply for a 3-year international student work visa.

Why choosing further education in Australia after graduation is a good option?


The Australian education system is one of the simplest within the world. It provides students with adequate experience, knowledge, and exposure. Doing Masters from Australia adds to the market price of a student, as they're trained in a number of outstanding institutions within the world.


Apart from all the world-class facilities, it's even a greater thing that it's all done at a reasonable fee. Australia has many government-funded universities that make education very affordable for college kids seeking Graduate or PG programs. It also boasts of the many universities which are available top 100 universities within the world consistent with QS world rankings.


A student may choose a PG degree or PG diploma after their graduation is completed and altogether the three main streams: Humanities, Science, and Commerce. The schools in Australia foster students with many soft skills along with technical knowledge of their subjects, which makes them even more desirable for several Internal and particularly Indian students.

Obtain professional work experience in Australia:
      International students in Australia who have completed their graduation within the field of computing, engineering, and accounting are eligible to use for a PYP (Professional Year Program). This a 1-year program that aims to extend the employability skills of international graduates through work and study experience. PYP is ideal for college kids who wish to urge an Australian permanent residency. After successful completion of a knowledgeable year in Australia, candidates can earn up to five points within the skilled migrant visa points test.

Opting to seek out employment overseas:

     Your Australian qualification will cause you to a beautiful employee to employers reception and round the world. In most fields, an Australian qualification is recognized and accepted by employers worldwide. Australian universities and colleges have global networks and may assist you to make connections with employers overseas.

Enhance your Skills in Australia:

     You'll apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) if you would like to remain in Australia to enhance your English skills, travel, or gain work experience. Subclass 485 allows you to remain in Australia for a period of 18 months. It's an excellent option for international students who want to remain in Australia for a short time and attain Australian permanent residency.

Travel in Australia:

      Immediately after completing studies, international students usually want to require an opportunity before finding employment or going back to their home country. Australia boasts beautiful places that you simply can explore after finishing your studies. You'll have to apply for a Tourist Visa that permits you to remain within the country for a period of three, six, or a maximum of twelve months.

Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia:
       Once international students complete their studies in Australia, they want to get Permanent Residency in order that they will grab work opportunities and permanently sleep in Australia. Return Back to Your Home Country if you've got no plans of working, traveling, or living in Australia after completing your studies. Moving back and packing everything up are often difficult, especially after living in Australia for years. You might need to sell all the massive items that you simply can’t take back home, pay the ultimate bills, end your lease if you’ve rented an area and hand back the keys, and cancel all of your services including mobile accounts, electricity, and bank accounts.