Mental Health

News, social media platforms, magazines all have a pop term these days. Mental Health. On the brighter side, it is good that dialogues and conversations on what was considered a taboo to have been initiated and people are now more open to sharing their personal experiences, but it is also important to highlight that exposed wounds need the complete treatment too. Articles often lack on the how's and why's of caring about your mental health.

Hardships of life spare no one. But mood changes transform into disorders when the reactions we emit are uncontrollable, unpredictable, inappropriate to the situation, or blown out of proportion. Recurrent episodes of such problematic behavior are indicative of a person suffering from mental trouble. It is important to not ignore these signs and symptoms and more significantly, not fall prey to stereotypical categorization of these people as "abnormal" or other socially ill-disposed terms.

The healing begins with you. Reflection about what one is thinking, feeling, and enacting must become a necessary part of one's life. It is only then that broad and consistent changes in one's behavior can be observed. It is only when we have learned and mastered the art of understanding ourselves, can we successfully move on to help others. Here comes the need to be emotionally intelligent.

Empathy and keeping an open mind are the key to being an emotionally intelligent person. Sensitivity to others' emotions and actions is not only important to build a healthy environment at work or home but is also necessary to detect changes in the behavior of our loved ones. This early detection can go on a long way to prevent some of the graver mental problems in the future.

Furthermore, never hesitate to ask for help. Problems of the mind often disrupt sound decision making and result in distorted thinking of catastrophic nature. Talking to someone not only puts an end to the spiral of thoughts but also helps in providing a fresh perspective that was hiding behind the hazy vision.

Situations such as this pandemic may be quite triggering for some of us and rightly so. It is unpredictable and moreover, quarantine, and isolation have anxiety-provoking connotations. Being warm. communicating openly in a non-judgmental demeanor and checking up on friends, family, and colleagues, near and far is important in these times. When everyone is busy analyzing the physical symptoms of the virus, the intangible and invisible effects on someone's mental health are easy to overlook.

Therefore, extending our vision, help, and ears beyond the normal and necessary, let us put an end to this silent suffering. To a safe and sound Mental Health.