6 Must Gaming Products

2020 isn’t going the way we expected, but still it had one good thing that the best in class gaming accessories are continuously being rotated in the market that provide powerful and incredible features with a decent price with no compromise being made on performance.

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Games are becoming more amazing and attracting more crowd than ever, so to help you choose the best accessories, we have shortlisted the following:

1. Gaming Laptop:

      Asus TUF A15:

              The best in range of 60k to 65k,

the ASUS TUF A15 comes with an AMD’s

stellar Ryzen 400 mobile processors to

provide you a best gaming experience so

you don’t blame on the lag (xD). The best

part is that it is a value for money gaming

product with an amazing battery backup. Along with this, it has inbuild Nvidia’s most powerful 1080p graphics cards that ensures best experience for the gamers.

2. Gaming Mouse: 

          SteelSeries Rival 3:

             This is one of the best

budget mice you can get in the

market. This uses TrueMove Core

Optical sensor for higher accuracy

and sensitivity of 8500 CPI. It is

shaped right handed with minimal

weight of 77gms. It will cost you

anything between 3k to 4k.

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3. Gaming Keyboard: 

              Zebronics Max Pro:

It comes with a full-size mechanical keyboard of the best built quality, along with RGB LED back lightning (18 nodes). It has a metallic build quality and supportable in

Windows, Linux as well as Mac (quite rare!). Also, the cable quality is tough to avoid wear and tear. Overall it costs you around Rs 3,500 with a promising quality indeed.

4. Headphones: 

        JBL Quantum 300

            It comes with a long wire having

both 3.5 mm jack and an USB one

allowing you to use it with your

smartphones and PC both. It has inbuild

Directional Boom mic and is definitely

very clear and loud. Just turn around

and shoot as it allows you to hear the

lowest frequency sound as well. Be it

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movies or gaming, the bass will never disappoint you with its quality. Comes with Ear cushions that are detachable hence easily cleaning headphones and providing you a better comfort. For this beast, you need to pay around 4.5k to 5k.

5. Controllers: 

     Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad

           A very user-friendly gamepad with

lowest price range of around 1000 bucks.

It has fully Integrated force feedback.

Along with this, you get to enjoy

illuminations on the A, B, X, & Y keys along

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with other 11 digital non-illuminated keys. You’ll have no issue of compatibility as X input and Direct Input are Compatible as well. Its just that the gamepad is a bit small.

6. Mouse Pad: 

       Redgear MP44 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad

Costing you just 500 bucks, this is designed for gamers who need a smooth flow with their game with highest aim precision. It is very smooth and fast once you get used to it and fit for all gaming mouse and has a better recoil capacity.